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Outreach?  Well it’s just as it sounds—at PHC we reach out beyond ourselves to a hurting and lost world desperately in need of the Good News of Jesus.  Outreach flows from the command and mission God has given us, His people.  God tells us to “Go into all the world” with this message (Matthew 28:19-20, Mark 16:15), and He promises us power to do the job (Acts 1:8).

At PHC outreach is a key component to our vision statement: “Building Lives for Eternity!”  We use the word, “BUILD” to remind us of the five Biblical essentials for a church.  The “D” stands for “Displaying our lives in witness.”  So here on the Hill we keep this priority front and center.

A second way outreach is built into the fabric of our church is in our current “141 Plan.”  This plan, based on John 1:41-42, is about each one of us taking responsibility to bring one more person to the fellowship of our church family. 

Of course, because outreach is so important to our Lord, we make sure it happens in almost all our ministries and activities.  We just don’t want anybody to miss out on heaven.

Marshall Lawrence
Serving with Silent Blessings Ministry in United States
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Brad and Michelle Harry
Serving with Campus Crusade for Christ in Chicago, IL, United States
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Steve Herzig
Serving with Friends of Israel in United States
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Radio Bible Class
United States
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Shepherd's Home
Wisconsin, United States
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Joel and Erica Smith
Serving with Missions International in APDO 5-56. Puepla, Puebla, Mexico 72430, Mexico
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Jonathan and Linda Smith
Serving with Missions International in 15 Via Loma. Manitou Springs, CO 80829, USA
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Jon and Susan Stocksdale
Serving with AIM in Kenya, Africa
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Mark and Diane Vanderkooi
Serving with TEAM in Chad, Africa
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Marilyn Snider
Serving with OMS International in Hong Kong/Muncie, Indiana
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Jack and Corky Hook
Serving with in Illinois, USA
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Gidions International
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Voice of the Martyrs
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Ward and Kari Ballard
Serving with Navigators in Ohio, United States
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Eric Knodel
Serving with Athletes In Action in Muncie, IN, United States
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